completely forgot to delete this thing hah, oh well new blog is up and running so go follow me over there before i actually delete this!!!!

#party #drunk yayy

10 months ago

Day off today. Happy! #bigsmiles #happy

10 months ago

» welcome to the new age

11 months ago
ϟ hello

Waiting beside my bath until the spider gets ooooooouuutttt #naw

11 months ago
ϟ naw

» hi i was reginamlls now unfollow me here and follow me on my other blog reginamlls

11 months ago


go and follow my other blog noooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!

i’ll make sure to follow everyone i’m following on here! XO

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11 months ago
ϟ go go go

guys i’m gonna be deleting this blog and starting fresh, there’s just too many crazy posts and stuff, and i’d rather just start it all again! i’m gonna change this url to l-sarfati for a little while so i can go and set up my blog and stuff!

i have been asked and asked and asked and now i’m finally gonna give you the tutorial on how i colour my gifs »

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Lana: I have a lot of silly moments!

Anonymous whispered:
i'm going to punch myself your coloring of rizzoli&isles i can't breathe, please i beg you make a coloring tutorial for gifs

ah okay goodness i’m going to get this done today i promise!!!

11 months ago
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